Our story

Hey Neighborz News Podcast & Radio is designed to inspire, empower & connect humanity. Our goal is to focus on the interest and needs of the incredible African diaspora through out the world. 


 We are a fast growing social, business and media corporation. It is our desire to improve the social & business experience for the Black community and other people of color. We strive to connect humanity through meaningful education, communication, information and  interaction worldwide.


 We are a driven company offering opportunities for users to be active in a variety of ways. Hey Neighborz is purposed to provide a platform where people of color can be free to express ourselves and control our narrative! 


We are a passionate, black-owned business. Our primary goal is to offer like-minded budding entrepreneurs with the opportunity to promote YOUR content that YOU create! Hey Neighborz promises a user-friendly experience to grow your business, create connections, find love, and obtain independent news sourced from original creatives.

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Hey NeighborZ News Podcast & Radio